ITM / JJ Bertolette Design Group Ltd. Strategic Alliance


Jacqueline Bertolette is a gifted Designer in multiple artistic disciplines. Her professional career spans more than two decades in creative pursuits, including professional Commercial Photography, technical Graphic Design and industry leading Fashion Design.

At the age of 21, Jacqueline earned her Degree in Applied Science of Commercial Photography from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in Cincinnati, Ohio.  During her career she was honored with four Golden Corner awards for excellence through the industry organization, Professional Photographers of Ohio.

During the 1990's, Jacqueline embarked on a Freelance career in Commercial Photography, enjoying recognition in the promotions of the regional fashion industry photographing emerging models, designers and stylists for area print and interactive media outlets. She also followed her passion for marketing within the Rock and Roll industry and the importance of Cleveland's role in this genre, which included photographing live performances of regional/national bands, album covers, advertising campaigns and public relations media for individual bands, arena/venue owners, promoters, labels and journalists.

In 1997, Jacqueline returned to school to continue her education in the field of Graphic Design with the ultimate goal of becoming an Art Director. While pursuing her second degree, she came on board as a staff Designer with an international insurance company based in Cleveland, Ohio. During her five year tenure, she was responsible for all Graphics information presented by the company to their 500+ internal Agents across the U.S.A. She, solely, headed the Graphics department's production of all Graphics materials, from brochures to full scale media presentations, for their semi annual national conventions.

In 2008, Jacqueline's third child was born facing dire health concerns. She resigned from her position to care for her son. After the urgency was reconciled, she launched her home based Graphic Design company, Mad Sky Productions Ltd. Her client list, included Hollywood, CA production companies and her talents ranged from print to interactive Medias. Her focus then shifted to include Fashion Design. In 2009, she launched R.J. Luna which produces custom garments. Within one year, her new design company grew from a home based online business to a brick and mortar retail location. R.J. Luna became a holding of the newly formed corporation, My Song Boutique, Inc.

Developing R.J Luna enhanced opportunities for Jacqueline to exercise a life long commitment to activities with philanthropic purpose. Thus, she spearheads The DiVine District, a community resurgence effort, initiated an art event, ArtStock and organized grass roots philanthropic events, including “The Luna Dream Warehouse”, the “Redefine the Design” contest and the “Luna for Love” Project.

In 2009, while promoting R.J. Luna, Jacqueline supported fashion events during which she met Mr. Jack Craciun III. Through continued affiliations, she became educated on the scope of ITM's global presence and commitment to enhancing the human condition through global cross cultural exchange enterprise and philanthropic endeavors. Sharing fundamental philosophies, the natural progression evolved into a perfect alliance.

In 2012, Jacqueline accepted the offer to utilize her vast array of design knowledge and background to assist in developing the global impacts of ITM (US) Consumer Product Division's “The First Dragon™ Chinese Cultural Exchange NEWS and Social Media Multi-elease and Consumer Product and Intellectual Property Branding Project. As a member of the Board of Advisors for The First Dragon, Jacqueline brings her 25 years of design expertise to the position of ITM Group Art and Design Director


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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