Not simply a Capital Funding vehicle

ITM Capital Fund Division was established in 1987, and is, in reality, not simply a Capital Funding vehicle, but a fully functional mini Investment Banking and Financial Advisory Services Division. The initial reason for the creation of a Capital Funding Division was to regroup all the various financial services that might be required of any ITM project, whether originating from the ITM Communications, Trading, and or Consumer Product Divisions, under one roof in one division. Consequently, the ITM Group Capital Fund Division has accumulated the expertise necessary for almost any financial transaction, from taking a public company private or a private company public (on two continents), to complex trade finance and intricate financial engineering for alternative methods of project funding. The Capital Fund Division, beyond its own internal expertise and resources, also calls upon an extensive network of highly-placed bankers within the international banking community, facilitating transactions almost anywhere business can be transacted. As with all ITM Group Divisions, the Capital Fund Division only deals with members of its Investor / Consultants Group, and/or affiliated entities, and a select client base.






A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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