Communications, at a world-class level

The ITM Communications Division was formed in 1985, in Hong Kong, to meet the need for education and technology transfer for the communications and manufacturing industries in those regions, and – as an acknowledged “China Specialist” – continues to be the clearing house through which all ITM Group business development initiatives pass. The Communications Division provides communications, at a world-class level, in such diverse arenas as: Transfer of Technology managing communications between manufacturing design and its systems — from production controls, inventory, shipping, and distribution — to the most important aspects of marketing a company or its products, as well as the design and packaging of consumer products. The Communications Division also excels in the production of audio visual broadcast content for TV and Radio, film production, music production and the complete production and promotion of live indoor or outdoor event productions for the entertainment industry. The Communications Division also generates and completes the demographic research as is required to produce the Public Relations, advertising, and materials, as well as the campaigns and buying the media time for consumer product manufacturers and/or distributors. The Communications Division, in conjunction with the Capital Fund Division, also has prepared and filed the instruments required to initiate a public offering, as well as reverse mergers. This has also involved the development of financial packaging and its promotion to venture capitalists and/or public capitalization. As with all ITM Group Divisions, the Communications Division only deals with members of its Investor / Consultants Group, and/or affiliated entities, and a select client base.






A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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