The “The First Dragon™” Project

The ITM Consumer Product Division was established in 2007 to implement two new proprietary international public relations and eCommerce consumer product marketing programs, developed by the ITM Communications Division, which have given birth to a myriad of entertainment media and product licensing, manufacturing, and merchandising opportunities, and to develop and exploit ITM’s “Golden Fire Dragon” Branding, Licensing and Retail opportunity. The “Golden Fire Dragon” project, led by the Communications Division, calls upon the resources of the Consumer Products Division to avail itself of ITM’s vast experience in the fields of media relations, music and visual productions (whether video or film), licensing and eCommerce. The Consumer Products Division is in the process of establishing its “Golden Fire Dragon” Brand, through media releases and events, in order to embark on an intensive program of licensing in all entertainment and consumer product venues in international markets, as well as partner with corporate sponsors and reserve areas of retail sales for itself. With the Branding Campaign led by the Consumer Products Division, and the licensing and financial aspects expertise of the Capital Fund Division, the knowledge of manufacturing and import/export intricacies of the Trade Division, the Consumer Goods Division is well on its way towards accomplishing its international goals with its “Golden Fire Dragon” brand. As with all ITM Group Divisions, the Consumer Product Division only deals with members of its Investor / Consultants Group, and/or affiliated entities, and a select client base.






A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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