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Christmas 2015, self-taught Cleveland musician, producer, composer, writer and vocalist Darren Anthony realized two of his lifelong goals toward transcending cultural boundaries through his new strategic alliance with global entrepreneurial leader ITM and the recent release of his first major music industry song placement on the seventh studio album of platinum-selling rapper, Fabolous. Entitled the “Young OG Project,” and released December 25, 2014, the album contains Cleveland native Darren Anthony’s "We Good," featuring platinum selling rapper Rich Homie Quan.

In 2011, Anthony was introduced to ITM, a company known for its legacy of broadcast and entertainment business pioneering throughout America, Europe and Asia.  ITM’s legacy in groundbreaking news-worthy entertainment includes helping to Establish commercially successful FM Radio in Cleveland and around the world, producing the Music You’re My Mother (MYMM) television live concert series: MYMM the Agora and MYMM the US Army.  The latter being a global cultural exchange, “First Rock Concert in Military History to Kick-off the Bicentennial of the United States” featuring Joe Cocker, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Pure Prairie League, Earl Scruggs and Barbi Benton, producing the first radio-thon in US broadcasting history to combat youth crime, benefiting the Robert F. Kennedy Scholarship Fund, and establishing Leon Lai Ming (The Heavenly King) Canto Pop star as the First Asian International Crossover Artist, among other accomplishments.

As an ITM intern, Anthony spent the next four years under the guidance ITM’s PhD-led team of researchers and authors learning to conduct research, as well mentoring with ITM’s global music industry associates to learn how to best advance every facet of his musical interests.  Anthony’s internship also included the study of ITM’s new strategic-alliance developments pertaining to The First Dragon™ Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise™.

Prior to completing his own strategic alliance, Anthony agreed with ITM that he needed to develop his own performing-artist’s interests as a producer, writer, composer, lyricist and performer, under the guidance of ITM Associates, in perfect balance with his work developing The First Dragon™. To this end, ITM helped him move to Los Angeles to develop his career in tandem with the development of the First Dragon Music Suite™ (completed), The First Phoenix Music Suite™ (in early stage development) and the “Made in Cleveland” album (in final stage development.)

During his year in L.A., and guided by ITM Chairman/CEO Jack Craciun III, and ITM Associates Antwain Thomas and Robert Weakley, Anthony beat the odds and achieved a “one-in-a-million” success, when his song “We Good” debuted on December 25, 2014 to rave reviews, as the second song on the Fabolous “Young OG Project” album.

Anthony has now chosen ITM’s critical expertise as a global entrepreneurial leader to establish the ITM/ Darren Anthony Production Group, Ltd. Strategic Alliance.  ITM’s agreement to form this alliance provides Anthony with the guidance and know-how to establish and run a company that will advance his career in the music and film industries. This strategic alliance, led by Craciun, Thomas and ITM’s team of music production, marketing and distribution experts, will guide him in his early-stage career development as a globally recognized Cleveland music artist and production company.  Anthony’s company, Heights High Productions, has licensing and creative abilities that are catered specifically to the digital and global markets to enhance the future of his cross cultural interest to educate and entertain.

Anthony has now spent four years studying and working with ITM to help deliver The First Dragon™ to a global demographic of people clamoring to embrace Chinese culture. This endeavor required original research and manuscripts which were commissioned by ITM through its strategic alliance with internationally renowned educator and researcher, Dr. George Smiga S.T.D.   The influence of the fine art and Calligraphy of ITM artist Aiqin Zhou, a living treasure of China, and her knowledge of Chinese culture assisted Dr. Smiga to produce, for the first time in history, original research and manuscripts telling the birth story of Chinese Culture and the evolution of Chinese Belief that precedes by millennia, then parallels, the belief of the Judeo/Christian tradition. Through her own research, ITM associate Lorinda Laughlin elaborated on Dr. Smiga’s work to clarify China’s achievements and contributions to mankind.  For the first time in history, the birth story of Chinese culture and its evolution will be told through the mythology and lore of the dragon and the phoenix through The First Dragon™ Literature:

Four Manuscripts
Telling the Birth and Evolution Stories of Chinese Culture

  1. The First Dragon™ Manuscript,
  2. by Dr. George Smiga, STD: 
    The Birth of a Culture & its Cosmogonic Interpretations
    (The Formation and Evolution of the Universe & the Earth)

  3. The First Phoenix™ Manuscript,
  4. by Dr. George Smiga, STD:
    Never-Ending Beginnings of Man and the Universe        
    (Phoenix appearance indicates a new era of blessings & prosperity)

  5. The Yin and Yang Manuscript,
  6. by Lorinda Laughlin: 
    The Balance between Nature and Humanity
    (Nature & Man seek Balance in all things)

  7. The First Dragon™ Music Suite(s)’ Lyrics & Manuscripts,
  8. by Darren Anthony:
    Bridging the Past with the Present
    (The Evolution Story of Chinese Culture)

Inspired by this literature, his own research, and the art and calligraphy of Aiqin Zhou, and guided by ITM’s interest to promote a mutual understanding of cultures through education and entertainment, Darren has created lyrics to The First Dragon™ Music Suite™ which tell the evolution story of China’s culture, history, and mythology by lyrically bridging the past with the Present.

The Fine Art, Calligraphy, Literature, and Music establish the brand essences that deliver the intellectual property and consumer product lines of The First Dragon™ Global Cross Cultural Exchange enterprise.

This first of three new CLE / Chinese Cross-Cultural Exchange albums, The First Dragon Music Suite™, features accomplished Rock vocalist David Merriam, Hip Hop & Rap vocalist Daren Anthony and was produced by ITM, Darren Anthony, Jackie Bertolette, David Merriam, and world renowned music composer and musician, Akron native John Stevens.

The second album, The First Phoenix Music Suite™, will feature 11 songs that tell the story of China's contributions to mankind as humanity seeks to find balance with nature in all things.

Completing the First Dragon Music Suite(s)™ is "Made in Cleveland" by Electrikk Sparks and The Children of the Rhyme. Produced by ITM, Ed Sparks, Darren Anthony, Larry Gaines, and Mel Hinchin, and featuring Rock & Roll inductee Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton on lead guitar, the “Made in Cleveland” Album tells the musical story of Cleveland's multi-ethnic Rock & Roll legacy.

The First Dragon Music Suite(s)™ are unprecedented, culture defining albums which merge the beats and vibes of China with the musical legacy of the rock & roll Capitol of the world, Cleveland, Ohio. The three albums deliver a new brand of spirit and energy featuring a Rock & Roll cross-cultural exchange never before felt or heard. 

Darren Anthony has dedicated his life to pursuing a music career that transcends culture boundaries. With the first major placement of his song, “We Good” and his involvement with The First Dragon Global Cross Cultural Exchange™,  Darren is well on his way to establishing himself as creative force capable of producing intellectual property relevant to globally diverse cultural demographics.

Soon the whole world will know why “He Good” and why Jack Craciun III has always said, “Where Cleveland Goes so goes the globe!”

Lorinda Laughlin
ITM (US) Ltd.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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