Implementations & Accomplishments

The ITM Group, in harmony with the presidents of the four Divisions, implemented and / or accomplished numerous sustaining economic and culturally impacting transactions. For example, the ITM model served to redefine the relationship between government, industry, and education, to enhance foreign currency reserves in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). On behalf of its client, the Ohio-based Center for Manufacturing Technology (made up of 308 consulting Engineers), ITM initiated and finalized the sale of computer equipment via a trade agreement that provided the technology transfer of CAD and CAM software, computer hardware, and a university-level engineer re-education program, facilitating the design and manufacture of new export products for the twelve Shanghai Dao Ling factories (the world’s largest manufacturer of radios and home appliances), to open new consumer export markets in industrialized nations around the world.

While the ITM Communications and Capital Fund Divisions were packaging, promoting and finalizing a US$648 million re-finance transaction in Japan for a US based real estate corporation, the ITM Communication and Trading Divisions were establishing a subsidiary trade office of an Australian heavy earth moving Equipment Company in Beijing, China, completing in excess of US $14 million in heavy-equipment trade transactions to assist the Chinese in their ability to transport containers of new export products from the factory to previously unreachable shipping ports. ITM Associates also consulted the WTO PRC Committee application pertaining to “agriculture subsidies” to finalize PRC acceptance into the WTO. In Eastern Europe, ITM Group consulted the preparation of the initial investment programs and founded the American Romanian Investment Corp. (ARIC), after the fall of Communism there on Christmas Day 1989, to establish Banca Populara, the first American Romanian bank in Romania. The Banca Populara application was approved by the new Democratic Government of Romania in 1996.

ITM, along with other American media and broadcast companies, acting in concert with Western governmental agencies, developed an economic growth model based on demographic research that included income levels, which was premised on eliminating the government monopoly on broadcast media in Asian and Eastern European nations to promote the development of new consumer markets that stimulated economic development, manufacturing, and ultimately products for export. The success of this model provided the motivation of substantial economic return potentials that contributed to the launch of the Chinese Long March Rocket, which delivered a satellite that soon began to broadcast MTV in a footprint that stretched from Japan to the eastern boarder of France.

ITM Group was contracted to produce and manage the first corporate public relations campaign in the 200-year history of Darier Hentsch & Cie, the oldest private Swiss bank in Geneva. ITM promoted their sponsorship of the Asia Pacific Etchells Championships, in association with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, and established the first charitable sponsorship program for Hong Kong’s Olympic youth sailing groups, which received generous sponsorship by the Bank, Mobil Oil, Reebok, and international sports figures the likes of Dennis Connor, two-time America’s Cup Champion.

ITM also produced the first international news wire story (Associated Press) and the largest scale Chinese press coverage in the 30-year history of Hong Kong’s most prestigious yachting event, The Champagne MUMM World Cup – Corum China Sea Series; published the number one grossing race magazine in the 17-year history of the Dunhill San Fernando race; and introduced the first-ever race charity to establish the Full Gospel Children’s Faith Home in San Fernando, Philippines. Sponsorship for these promotions included such corporations as Hutchinson Telecom, Mobil, Reebok, AT&T, Federal Express, Credit Suisse, Inch-Cape Corp., Kenwood, the Triple V Group, Coca Cola, and Singapore Airlines.

ITM produced the first international concert tour of Hong Kong’s number one “Canto-pop” teen idol and film star, Leon Lai Ming, establishing the region’s first crossover artist. Today, Leon Lai Ming is Asia’s leading pop music artist, and performs dates around the Pacific Rim, including top North American cities from Las Vegas to Toronto, Canada. ITM consulted two-time Golden Globe Award winner Jeff Kutash, producer of the award winning Las Vegas Aquacade, Splash, in a two-year, US$52 million transaction that brought this top Las Vegas show to a brand new purpose-built theater in Osaka, Japan.

The ITM Group entered the Twenty-First Century contributing to the development of an exciting new technology. ITM forged a Joint Venture partnership with, and consulted to, an American technology development company, AlphaCom Inc., of Akron, Ohio, on the development of a revolutionary new bandwidth modulation technology called “VMSK,” with exclusive marketing and manufacturing rights to Asia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Venezuela. ITM consulted, financed, and assisted AlphaCom with the successful filings of two public companies and two tortious interference U. S. Federal Court litigations. In 2000, ITM initiated a strategy to enhance economic returns by developing this new technology for sale in ITM Group international markets. Implementing this strategy promoted the establishment of ITM Ltd. (US), a satellite office whose corporate structure mirrors that of its parent, ITM (China) Ltd.

In 2006, as a result of the profound accomplishments in the fields of International Banking, Trade, and various Humanitarian and Human Rights Activities successfully accomplished by ITM over decades of work throughout the world, the US presence of the ITM Capital Fund Division was invited, by Euro Associates, to locate within China specific humanitarian investment projects with an obvious and direct benefit to the people of China (such as low-income housing; hospital or other medical facilities; educational facilities; power plants; communications-related projects or facilities; roads, railways, or urban transportation systems) on behalf of a large benevolent fund.

Meantime, the ITM Communications Division conceived two multifaceted international public relations programs that defined the need for the establishment of the ITM Consumer Product Division (ITM CPD). These two consumer product marketing concepts, both extraordinarily newsworthy from various cultural perspectives, are appealing to broad-based, worldwide demographic groups. In one case the primary focus is on Western markets, and secondarily Asian; in the other case, the focus is primarily Chinese and Asian communities, both mainland and overseas, and, secondarily, on Western markets.

These two innovative ITM CPD concepts and product lines will be marketed worldwide with a state-of-the-art eCommerce merchandising program. The numerous intellectual property licensing, publishing, and product merchandising opportunities that result will also be implemented through traditional marketing and sales techniques, including print, broadcast, and retail point-of-purchase. Firstly, the ITM CPD is introducing a ‘new’ application for an old mechanical technology that has recently evolved into a digital technology. ITM Communications Division research has confirmed that this product is a new, convenient, and inexpensive “necessity” product for our times; and, also, that there is a vast consumer market made up of a broad demographic base (from 10 to 90 years old) that is ready to purchase the technology, which can also be marketed to serve mankind in a broad spectrum of circumstances pertaining to security in arenas that are social and civil in nature. Further, the lead product gives birth to sundry related products that complement, from an educational point of view, the root of a Republic’s liberties and mores. A 501©3 non-profit corporation is in organization to perpetuate educational programs regarding individual human rights, the law, and the rights of citizens in free nations.

Secondly, ITM CPD has been blessed with an international marketing and public relations opportunity of great depth that plumbs a phantasmagoria of fantastic characters from over 8,000 years of Chinese history and mythology. The evolution of Eastern and Western cultures is inextricably intertwined through the shared mythic identity exchanged through these characters, the likeness and image of which have proven strongly appealing to a very broad world wide demographic base of Asians, and to non-Asian consumers 2 to 24 years old. The consumer product lines and related marketing derived from this unique and unprecedented phenomenon targets populations with disposable income worldwide — primarily mainland and overseas Chinese and Asians; secondarily a young and aware demographic of non-Asians — through an innovative public relations media assault that targets Chinatowns as a global entity, the presence of which are the sine qua non of any truly international city, and all major market medias worldwide.

A 501©3 non-profit corporation will be established concurrently with, and complementary to, this marketing and public relations program to foster youth-based educational partnerships and initiatives with cultural and artistic organizations in the East and West, with a focus on researching, studying, explaining, and celebrating the role of Overseas Chinese contributions to global culture and the establishment and growth of major markets worldwide.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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