ITM / Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance


Antwain Thomas, President of Legion, Inc., has established the ITM/Legion, Inc. Strategic Alliance, uniting with ITM and Jack Craciun III, Chairman and CEO: ITM (China) Ltd. and ITM (US) Ltd, for a common global purpose:“The First Dragon™” Global Chinese Cross Cultural Enterprise. The Alliance fulfills the global purpose of Legion Inc. and is a perfect pairing of American global entrepreneurial spirit.

A Cleveland native and product of South Euclid-Lyndhurst Schools, Thomas discovered early in life that music and computer technology would have significant influence on his lifetime pursuits. A classically trained Clarinetist and jazz saxophonist, he received the highly coveted “John Phillip Sousa Award,” as well as citations for his musicianship and performance with the Tri-C JazzFest in 1995 and 1996. During this time he also was learning computer technology, internet architecture, and how the world is connected.  Having attended Cuyahoga Community College, and Cleveland State University in Cleveland, he used his affinity for music and computer technology as an outlet for his creativity and set out on a lifetime path of exploring his entrepreneurial spirit.

With Thomas’s roots deeply planted in Cleveland, making a decision to enlist in the United States Navy was a life altering experience that changed his perspective on the world. While serving in Japan aboard the U.S. Naval aircraft carrier, the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), he created the concept of “Legion Inc.,” a business idea that would redefine his purpose in life and return him back to Cleveland.  Returning to Cuyahoga Community College in the fall of 2010, he completed an Associates of Applied Science degree in Recording Arts & Technology, marking a full circle of achievement.

Thomas attends The Elliot School of International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and is President of the GW Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, a professional business association that supports and engages its members in providing education about Private Equity and Venture Capital industries, facilitating opportunities in career and job placement and enhancing the learning experience by exposing the student body to the financial community at large. Thomas belongs to several national organizations focused on finance, including The Oxford Club, The Sovereign Society, The Palm Beach Letter, and Forbes Inc.’s The World Money Show.

Active in national politics, Thomas works with the Ohio House of Representatives under Rep. John Barnes Jr. on matters of Economic Development and International Business. He is involved in the military community in Washington DC both as a member of GW Veterans, an organization that fosters a supportive environment for student veterans, and working with veteran business organizations to enhance the focus on veteran entrepreneurs “vetrepreneurs” and their potential for business success. Thomas was involved in “Second Service Week 2015,” an event organized by “Veteran’s Campaign,” and held at the Reserve Officers Association located in Washington, D.C.  “Veteran’s Campaign” is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to preparing military veterans to run for political office. The ROA supports Reservists and their critical role in our national defense.  As an intern at the ROA in the summer of 2012, Thomas worked with the legislative department and Chief of Staff to effect changes on Capitol Hill related to Reservist men and women.

In his commitment to the namesake of George Washington University, Thomas is a member of the Luther Rice Society. Luther Rice lobbied U.S. President Monroe and raised funds that lead to the founding of The George Washington University over 200 years ago.  The Society celebrates philanthropic leadership in Rice’s memory, and connects GW alumni, friends, and students to his legacy. 

Upon completing his first year at The George Washington University, Thomas accepted an invitation from Jack Craciun III to intern with ITM to better prepare himself for the challenges of being a business professional. As a student of global business with a global business developer, Antwain spent valuable time working with ITM in its multifaceted The First Dragon™ Global Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise, Multi-release News and Social Media, Intellectual Property Licensing and Consumer Product Branding and Merchandising Enterprise. As a result of his internship, Thomas was appointed to the advisory board of ITM (US) Ltd. as their International Business & Finance Affairs Advisor.

During the summer of his internship, Thomas was appointed to the Community and Property Development Committee as a Director and Advisor to the church council at St. Helena Romanian Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland. The new committee spearheaded a "Five Year Community & Property Development Plan” focused on enhancing its local & global communities and the development of church property. St. Helena is the first Romanian Byzantine Catholic Church built in the Americas and has served as Eastern Europe’s global gateway to the world for over a century.

After becoming involved with St. Helena’s, and having been inspired by the beauty of the liturgy of the Mass and the hospitality of the parish, Thomas decided to be baptized there, in the same church where ITM Chairman/CEO Jack Craciun III, his mentor and friend, had been baptized.  On August 3, 2014, he became the first African American to be baptized at St. Helena’s in the 108-year history of the church.  Blessed to serve as Godparents were Craciun and ITM Associate and friend Lorinda Laughlin.

During his final year at GW, Thomas led an initiative of The GW Private Equity and Venture Capital Club called “Semper Startup,” a military entrepreneurship conference aimed at providing support and creating a network of “vetrepreneurs”. In addition, Thomas has been recommended and invited to apply for the Clinton Global Initiative, a program for student innovators, considered the next generation of leaders, to develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges.  He looks to use this opportunity to support his work with ITM/Jack Craciun III, The First Dragon™” Global Chinese Cross Cultural Enterprise, and with the ITM/Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance, to foster a global business example to help others realize their potential in pursuing entrepreneurial objectives, using George Washington and ITM as conduits to develop pathways of new opportunities for future generations.

In November 2014, Thomas met with George Washington University President Steven Knapp and the Dean of Student Affairs, Peter Konwerski, and has laid the foundation for ITM to deliver The First Dragon™ Global Chinese Cross-Cultural Exchange presentation in Washington, D.C., enabling ITM to deliver an entrepreneurial platform with economic support that will enhance the lives of veterans and future generations to come.

The ITM/Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance has been formed to foster the growth of the cross-cultural exchange branding platform using ITM's global business model to launch Thomas’s global enterprise, Legion Inc. Through this Alliance, Thomas will utilize Legion and their exceptional resources to further develop Western and Eastern cultures and their use of resources by contributing to the global gateways and platforms ITM has developed over forty-five years of highly successful Cross Cultural Exchange enterprises. 

As ITM Group Global Project Management and Financial Engineering Advisor, Thomas is directly involved in the organization of The First Dragon™ Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit entity focused on international educational programs, student exchange and scholarships, as well as promoting global cross-cultural programs designed to celebrate and support veterans of the U.S. Military and their history of global sacrifice which has created prosperity and freedom for people all over the world.

Through  ITM/Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance, Thomas helped establish The First Dragon™ Publishing Company which will be handling the release of The First Dragon Music Suite™, The Made in Cleveland™ album and The First Phoenix Music Suite™, three unprecedented, culture defining albums which merge the beats and vibes of China with the musical legacy of the rock & roll Capitol of the world, Cleveland, Ohio. The albums feature the work of ITM Associate Darren Anthony, whose recent song “We Good” has been released as the second track on rapper Fabolous’ new album The Young OG Project. YouTube hits on “We Good” have soared to over  6.6 million views and listens on internet broadcast and social media sites since the album’s release on Christmas day (2014). 

Under the ITM/Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance, Legion Inc. will exclusively provide the administration and management of The First Dragon™ Foundation, The First Dragon™ Publishing Company, including all intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, and the intellectual property license rights to The Birth of The First Dragon™ motion picture film.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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