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Ohio horticulturalist, Lorinda Laughlin cultivated her love of plants at an early age under the guidance of avid gardener and nature explorer, her mother, Grace Annette. Torn between her love of horticulture and a keen interest in the social sciences, Lorinda graduated from Baldwin Wallace College with majors in political science and sociology. Subsequently trained at the Philadelphia Institute, and certified in Litigation Management, Lorinda spent the 1980’s in the Labor and Litigation Departments of the Cleveland-based international law firm, Squire Sanders and Dempsey.

In the 1990’s, Lorinda stopped working to devote herself full time to the raising of her three children. It was during this time spent with her children that she rediscovered her first love, horticulture.

The next decade found Lorinda working with horticulturist, multimedia educator and mentor, Susan Holmes Bercheck, then owner of the historical 1928 garden center, Sunnybrook Farms Nursery in Geauga County, Ohio, where she learned garden design, installation, upscale flower garden improvement and organic maintenance techniques, as well as plant propagation and retail sales. She was able to put her design skills to work in the creations department, designing custom container plantings and holiday arrangements for long-time clients and retail sales.

Laughlin was employed at Sunnybrook until 2010.  She spent the following season as consultant to a new local garden design and maintenance company, and creating custom arrangements for retail sales.  From 2012 to 2014, she held the position of head designer for Perennials Preferred, Inc. in Chesterland, Ohio.

Today, Laughlin is a nationally certified horticulture and design judge, and has judged as well as exhibited horticulture, floral design and miniature landscapes throughout Northeast Ohio, including the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. She enjoys speaking and conducting workshops on gardening related topics for nurseries and garden clubs and works with her own local club to raise funds for scholarships to horticulture students and to design and maintain gardens in her community’s public parks.

Laughlin is a member of the Ohio Judges Council, The Cleveland Flower Arranger’s Guild, OFA Association of Horticulture Professionals, The National Garden Club Central Atlantic Region, Garden Clubs of Ohio, and the Garden Clubs of the Western Reserve.

Laughlin met Jack Craciun in 2013 and, after completing significant research pertaining to The First Dragon™ Ltd. and the ITM/ EpAngelia Group Ltd. Strategic Alliance, including its President, Fr. George Smiga, STD., ITM (US) Global Culture & History Research Project Manager and author of The First Dragon™ and The First Phoenix™ Manuscripts, she realized the value of The First Dragon™ Global Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise, not only in economic terms, but also as a tool to educate, enrich and empower people’s lives all over the world. In 2014, Laughlin became a vested member of ITM’s Board of Advisors and holds two Gross Profit Units and two Consumer Product Licenses in The First Dragon™ Enterprise.

Guided by Dr. Smiga and Jack Craciun, III, Laughlin is now performing research to complete a manuscript that will perfectly complement Dr. Smiga’s work pertaining to “The Birth of Chinese Culture” and “The Early Stage Evolution of Chinese History.” The Yin and Yang Manuscript will deliver a study of China’s profound relationship with nature, revealing insight into their view of the world and clarifying their contributions to mankind in fields such as medicine, art, literature and philosophy, thus furthering ITM’s interest to promote a mutual understanding of cultures through education and entertainment.  Laughlin also sits on the Board of Managers of the ITM/Legion, Inc. and the ITM/Darren Anthony Group Strategic Alliances.

Laughlin has now chosen ITM’s expertise as a global entrepreneurial leader to establish the ITM/ LLGroup, Ltd. Strategic Alliance.  ITM’s agreement to form this alliance provides Laughlin with the guidance and know-how to establish and run a company with a focus that includes creating and managing consumer product licensing contracts based on the intellectual property of The First Dragon™ brand,  spearheading cross-cultural educational programs through The First Dragon™ Foundation and authoring non-fiction works, through The First Dragon™ Publishing Company,  pertaining to the lives and dedications of American innovators such as Ohio Horticulturalist Jared Potter Kirtland, and her grandfather, Dr. R.R. Laughlin, a pioneering Ohio veterinarian and World War I veteran.
The First Dragon™ global enterprise is designed to promote extraordinary recognition and economic rewards for ITM, its venturers, sponsors, and their communities, and it will serve to enhance the development of consumer product manufacturing, distribution, and sales within the birth place of The First Dragon™ and The First Phoenix™, Cleveland, Ohio.

Laughlin is confident that the spirit of The First Dragon™ will continue to carry it forward, ensuring success in its goal to enhance the human condition here and around the world.  She further believes there is no limit to the level of positive social impact and financial reward of The First Dragon ™ Enterprise, so long as venturers and service providers continue to come forward with the integrity and capacity to enhance its global mission.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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