ITM / Smiga Epangelia Group Ltd. Strategic Alliance


Dr. George Smiga S.T.D. is a renowned internationally educated researcher and author who joined with ITM and its Alliances to assist its interest to tell the story of the evolution of Chinese History and Culture through the mythology of the Dragon. His focus, with his Chinese counter parts, will be the first to tell the story of the evolution of Chinese Belief that precedes by millennia, and then parallel, the Belief of Judeo/Christian tradition.

The First Dragon™ Project will highlight both the similarities and differences of the parallel cultures in ways that clarify their contributions to mankind; survey the Dragon in both cultures, explain the differing perspectives, dispel misrepresentations resulting from lack of education, and convey the common values shared by both cultures.” The Chinese designed the Dragon as the central symbol of their culture, associating it with longevity, good luck, strength, and nobility. The West has viewed the Dragon as a force for evil and destruction. This results from the negative portrayal of the Dragon in the Christian Bible.

The SEG Alliance and Foundation purpose is to employ scholarly tools of language, history, art and modern technology, to guide The East & The West towards a fuller understanding of the mythical significance of the Dragon. One possible origin for the English word “Dragon” is from the Greek word drakeîn which means “to see clearly.

“Epangelia” is derived for a Greek word meaning “promise.” It is used in the New Testament to name the blessings God promised the world: the fulfillment of good and the elimination of evil. Humans cooperate with God’s promise via education and empowerment of their wills. God’s promise is served through agents or messengers. Recognize in “epangelia” the root word “angel,” which means “messenger.” Dr Smiga serves on the Board of Advisors of The First Dragon™ Ltd.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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