Introduction To "The First Dragon™" (Video)

ITM LTD. (Group)

The First Dragon™ Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise Introduction
“Setting Global Example of American Entrepreneurship with Social Service”

We earnestly believe you will agree that the global cross cultural exchange project and its educational and entertainment driven recognition and economic driver programs are viable, complement each other, and represent a myriad of long-term opportunities that will help shape the global future of the communities and cultures of Cleveland, Ohio, the United States, the People’s Republic of China (Asia) and the world.

Introducing:  “The First Dragon™” Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange News & Social Media Consumer Product and Intellectual Property (IP) Branding & Licensing Campaign.

Global Purpose:  Working together, the ITM research, authorship and production teams have created the enterprise essence of cross cultural exchange in fine art, literature, and music to deliver eCommerce consumer product sales and intellectual property licensing that will educate and entertain a globe of humanity for decades.

The ITM Teams will be the first to tell the story of the birth and evolution of Chinese Culture and Belief that precedes by millennia, and then parallels, the Culture and Belief of Judeo/Christian tradition.

The unique phantasmagoria of intellectual property highlights the similarities and differences of the parallel traditions in ways that clarify their contributions to human culture and promote those ideas which foster understanding and respect.

Branding:  The International News and Social Media Multiple Release Campaign will serve to introduce the world, through education and entertainment to “The First Dragon™” Enterprise, its copyrighted 19 Golden Fire Characters, their Collectable Consumer Product lines, and related Intellectual Property Licensing Programs.  

Historically: ITM has accomplished similar complex entrepreneurial cross cultural exchange objectives in the past which have delivered new broadcasting medias that merged cultures, which, through education and entertainment, established new manufacturing and expendable income ratios within industrialized and third-world nations around the world.  Such endeavours included marketing US culture and even its military contributions to advance a global appreciation for our nation’s commitment to enhance the human condition around the world.

Validates:  The global viability, newsworthy values, frequency and sustainability of the “recognition & economic” reward drivers of "The First Dragon™” global branding and merchandising of its proprietary fine art / Calligraphy (limited editions in multiple medias), literature, music suites, and related eCommerce consumer product sales and IP licensing of its 19 Golden Fire Characters, their stories and cultural contributions.

In-Deed: In this new ITM enterprise, ITM is producing a global cross cultural exchange that includes the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America, and the new #2 economy on earth, China, which the USA and its allies have supported with protect not only their global interests but also the future of hard-fought-for global freedoms -- on behalf of our children and the children of the world.


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