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ITM (US) Board of Advisors

ITM (US) Cultural Advisor / Publisher Erie Chinese Journal


A familiar and welcomed figure throughout the State of Ohio and Northeastern America, Anne Pu Ying is a first generation Chinese immigrant from Shanghai, China and the proud owner and publisher of the Erie Chinese Journal (ECJ), a bi-monthly Chinese and English language newspaper with readerships throughout the Northeastern United States and globally through the ECJ website. She is also President of Global Chinese Service, LLC.

Pu Ying attended Shanghai University, where she majored in Public Relations. In 1991, she left China to come to America, and soon became a fascinated observer of the immigrants’ odyssey in this country. Pu Ying reported news of Cleveland and Ohio’s Chinese community for The World Journal, one of the most influential Chinese Daily newspapers in North America, for two years until 2001, when she decided to launch her own publication in order to better serve the community she fell in love with – Cleveland, Ohio.  

Through hard work fueled by her profound American / Chinese entrepreneurial spirit, The Erie Chinese Journal (ECJ) was established in 2002. The versatile and highly motivated Pu Ying served as reporter, photographer, editor, publisher, ad salesman and ECJ regional publication distributor. Today, ECJ continues to grow and serve the Chinese and English speaking community regionally and globally by providing a platform for traditional and contemporary cross-cultural exchanges while delivering local and national news stories relating to politics, business, education, entertainment, sports, healthy living and human interest in both English and Chinese.

Today, Pu Ying is a well-known and respected presence throughout the City of Cleveland and is active in numerous organizations and cultural and social service philanthropic endeavors.  She can be found covering nearly every major event for ECJ, both in and outside of the Chinese community.

Pu Ying first met ITM Chairman and CEO Jack Craciun III in 2007 during an Asian Leadership Luncheon with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, where Mr. Craciun addressed the forum.  They learned very quickly of their mutual interest to market Chinese culture to the world.  Her dream to grow her newspaper into a global internet news, education and entertainment media fell directly in line with ITM’s global accomplishments and its present Cleveland based enterprise, “The First Dragon™ Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange.”

The First Dragon™ enterprise, through ITM’s creation and production of unique proprietary cross-culturally defined intellectual property content in the fields of fine art, Calligraphy, literature and music, will deliver the culture of China to the world and, as in the past with the “British Invasion” of fifty years ago, the delivery and success of the cultural exchange will be fueled from Cleveland, Ohio, the Rock & Roll Capital of the World,  by merging Chinese musical culture and tradition with that of the West.

The world’s population is now 7 billion, with half under 30 years old. In the US alone, expendable non-discretionary income for 8 to 19 year olds is approximately $120 billion. ITM research has now defined and confirmed a new global demographic with new and profound expendable income ratios that never existed before in human history – the Asian population on earth is now in excess of 4 billion people.
Since 2007, the Erie Chinese Journal has published over 28 feature stories covering the evolution of ITM’s pioneering work in around the world, including a 30 year focus on China beginning in 1985, The First Dragon™ Global Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise, The First Dragon Foundation™, The Future of Medicine, Inc™, and The First Dragon Publishing™ Ltd.  In 2011, Anne Pu Ying became a member of The First Dragon™ Board of Advisors and in 2016 she became a member of the Board of Advisors of The First Dragon Foundation.™


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